What did I get myself into?

Today, I ordered the RV-14 Empennage Kit. It’s one thing to say you’re gonna build an airplane, it’s another to take that first big step and make it official. Now I’m committed … not sure yet if that’s to an airplane or the state hospital. I should have the crate from Van’s within two weeks. Meanwhile, I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot of preparation ahead of me. I’ve not taken any builder classes, so I’m really starting from scratch here.

Here’s what I’m doing to prepare to start the build:

  • Do electrical work – I need to run 120vac outlets out of the virgin 240vac subpanel in my garage, so that I’m not dependent on the GFCI outlets that the builder put in my garage
  • Build worktables – I’ve completed the bases for two EAA 1000 Worktables, next I’ll cut MDF table tops with 3″ overhangs and install on the bases – see the pictures below
  • Order a starter toolset – based on builder feedback and comments, I’ve decided to go with Cleaveland’s RV-14 tool kit, with some customizations and deletions
  • Get some sheet metal experience – tomorrow I’ll attend a Sheet Metal Workshop at the Copperstate Fly-In … at least it’s a start
  • Continue reading builder blogs to get a better understanding of what’s to come. So far, I’ve enjoyed Mike Bullock’s blog the most.