Construction Begins

Construction has begun. Today’s work was in the RV-14 builder’s manual page 06-02. The first steps lead you through the attachment of a doubler to the base of the front spar of the vertical stabilizer. Early on, I was confused by an instruction that says “dimple flush aft” (see the image, circled in red). I started off with the assumption that a rivet was to be inserted such that the manufactured head was visible relative to the drawing – but you know what they say about “assumptions”. After some research, and a quick call to Van’s Builder Support to confirm my suspicions, I realized that the rivets were simply supposed to be inserted from the aft side of the spar. In other words, the shop head of the rivets were to be visible from the perspective of this drawing. I’m quickly learning how to read the builder plans.

This first dive into construction was easy and straightforward, but intimidating since it was the first time for me … especially when I had to cut on the front spar with the band saw. However, I got through it unscathed 🙂 The Scotch-brite 6″ wheel on my bench grinder made clean-up on the cuts a breeze.

Here are some progressive pictures of the steps on page 06-02.