Cleaveland Took Kit Ordered


If I wasn’t committed to a build before, now I really am committed 🙂 An RV-14 Toolkit is on its way from Cleaveland Aircraft Tool. As a novice, I didn’t have much to go on, in regard to deciding which tool vendor to use and who provided the best quality for the price.  I got the most I could out of Facebook posts (you know what those are worth, sometimes). I did extensive research on, tool vendor’s sites, and then talked to the Cleaveland folks. As you’d expect, they are really helpful people. Annette didn’t want to spend all my money, she just wanted to make sure I had what I needed, and she offered several helpful suggestions of what else to add to my order, to save my time and effort down the line.

I went with the standard RV-14 kit, minus the book and the wooden die block (I’ll have too much fun making my own die blocks). I added several more drill bits, two extra countersink cages (so I don’t have to switch out bits all the time), and upgraded to the pneumatic squeezer and the DRDT-2 (Deep Reach Dimpling Tool). I easily could have obsessed with making sure my kit had all the right extras, and removing every item I may not use, but sometimes you just need to call it done and move on … I think that attitude, used judiciously, may help me keep forward momentum in the project someday. I do know it curbs my OCD tendencies.