The Right Tools for the Right Job

My tools arrived from Cleaveland Tool. It seemed like all those tools would be in several boxes, but they managed to get them all into a single (very heavy) box, with only a couple of small items on backorder. I’ve inventoried the contents against the packing list and nothing was missing. As I worked through the list, I looked up quite a few of them on Cleavaland’s web site so that I could confirm I had the correct tool to check off the list. Some of the tools are obvious, but some are not so obvious to the beginner such as myself. Cleaveland included a reference chart, which I’ll probably laminate, and a practice kit which is an iPhone holder … cool.

Next on the list is to finish the Van’s Toolbox that I bought and partially built a couple years ago. I need the practice, and figured it would be good to finish the toolbox before I dig into the airplane build. I’ve been watching lots of YouTube videos about the various build topics, and I’m still full of questions about what kind of riveting technique to use in what situation, how it’s done, and how to know if I’ve done it properly. I’m sure these are typical concerns that a new builder has, and I know it’ll all come together as I dig in. I just hope I don’t have to buy too many replacement parts from Vans before I figure it out!

Here are some pics of the additional two worktables that I built over the weekend.