Inventory Complete

I’ve completed inventorying all parts. Van’s does a good job packing a lot into a relatively small crate (the crate was 218 lbs and about 8 feet long, 3 feed wide and a foot tall). It was a real bear removing the nasty, thick and ultra-sticky duct tape which held many of the sheet aluminum, but eventually I had the crate unpacked. Going through every part and checking it off the packing list took a total of about 4-5 hours.

I grew concerned as the duct tape was nearly impossible to remove without pulling the blue protection film off of the aluminum. I did some research and found out that it’s not really a big deal … just need to be careful not to needlessly scratch the aluminum which is now exposed. I wish Van’s used a tape which was easier to remove.

I joined two wire racks end to end, to serve as my inventory storage area. Every part was counted (except rivets, which are accounted for by weight and not count), and and all parts went onto the racks. Nearly all parts had part numbers on them – in the rare instance where it didn’t have sticker or other identification on the part, it was an easy process of elimination to figure out the part number. Amazingly, all those parts, and only 3 were missing from the crate; one nutplate, one washer, and a small amount of AN470AD4-9 rivets. Van’s should get those additional parts out to me soon.

The small parts were organized into separate small zip-lock bags with the part numbers written with Sharpie onto the bag. Bags were put into a larger bag with the “Bag Number” written on it (except rivets, which went into one box, organized by bag number).