Lowering the DRDT-2

The DRDT-2 dimpling tool comes with plans/drawings to build a shelf that straddles the tool and supports larger pieces going through the C-frame – this helps to keep the dimpling point precisely perpendicular to the dimple dies as you create the dimple. Not keeping the work perfectly horizontal during this process can lead to poorly done dimples.

I got to thinking about this … why build a shelf that will take up valuable space a couple of feet on each side of the DRDT-2, and have to store that shelf when not in use, when I can just lower the DRDT-2 to table height? I figured I could add a simple support structure on each side of two of my¬†EAA 1000 worktables, lowering the DRDT-2 in between the tables, and put it at a height which brings the dimple dies to table level. Then, to keep the DRDT-2 from falling through, I used C-clamps for a semi-permenant way to keep the DRDT-2 attached to the tables and effectively keeping the tables from separating.

I had some leftover 2×4 blocks from the EAA 1000 worktable construction (for example, the pieces that are cut off of the bottom of the leg doublers – convenient for someone like me who just built 4 of these tables). So, I measured the distance from the DRDT-2 base to the lower dimple die surface (7.25″ in my case), and then mounted a 2×4 block with its top horizontal surface at precisely 7.25″ below the surface of the table, on the “outside” of each of the four table legs that come together where the the two tables meet. This created a place for each of the DRDT-2 mounting tabs (feet) to rest. I did not attach the DRDT-2 mounting tabs to these blocks of wood, but instead used heavy duty 6″ Harbor Freight clamps to firmly hold the inside of the C-frame to each leg. The DRDT-2 is heavy, and it would be a real shame to have it fall and get damaged … these clamps do a great job keeping it in place so this won’t be an issue.

Now, I’m able to dimple large pieces and use the protected top of the worktable to support those pieces – saving me the hassle of storing and temporarily installing a “shelf” around the DRDT-2 each time I need it.